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Registration Open - Artistic Residency for the Creation of a Show at the Coliseu Micaelense

Registration is now open for the new Artistic Residency for Show Creation, by Tiago de Faria and Rocio Matosas. A community and participatory project open to all, that will start on October 15th - FREE REGISTRATION!

As part of the training part of the POP Festival, "I hear you in the shadow of the empty square but I don't know about you" will be a show in which you can create, participate and see premiere at the Coliseu Micaelense on November 29th!

Inspired by the work "The Hour We Knew Nothing About Each Other" by Peter Handke and guided by the Teatro Manga methodology, the director Tiago de Faria, will direct the Dramaturgy and Interpretation Theatre-Dance group while the Uruguayan multidisciplinary artist, Rocio Matosas will be in the Artistic direction of the group responsible for the construction of sets, costumes and lighting.

Registration and all the information about the residency here:


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