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  • Honorable Mention Ayres d'Aguiar Award [2021]

  • Best Documentary Special Award at Halicarnassus Film Festival [2021]

  • Best Regional Fiction Film Award, V Short Films of Ribeira Grande [2014]

  • New Talent Indie Lisboa Award [2012]

  • OVNI Festival Court Métrages de Namur Award [2012]

  • Cineclubes Award at the X Encontros de Viana [2010]




  • Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico [2022]

  • Halicarnassus Film Festival, Turkey [2021]

  • Black Swan, India [2021]

  • Insularia Fest [2017]

  • ExtremaDoc, Spain [2012]

  • Court Métrages de Namur, Belgium [2012]

  • Cine Migrante, Argentina [2012]

  • Corridor Show at Ateliers Varan in Paris, France [2009]



  • Port 7 [2017]

  • IndieLisboa [2016, 2012]

  • DocLisboa [2010]

  • Viana Encounters [2010]

  • Short films from Vila do Conde [2010]

  • Frame Research [2009]

  • PANORAMA, Portuguese Documentary Exhibition [2009, 2008]

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  • Ribeira Grande Short Films [2014]

  • Panazorean Film Fest [2012]

  • Faial Film Fest [2009, 2008]


  • “Water in the Gulls”by Marco Schiavon and Catarina Carvalho 

  • “Room without residence”by Tiago Melo Bento 

  • “The Metternich Deviation”by Tiago Melo Bento

  • “Leopoldina”by Tiago Melo Bento 

  • "Luana"by Maria Simões and Tiago Melo Bento 

  • “Encounters with Landscape”by Salomé Lamas 

  • "Put Up the Tent" the Terceira Island Carnivalfrom Montserrat Ciges 

  • "Azorenos"by Tiago Melo Bento 

  • “Lines”by António José de Almeida and Anabela Silva, 

  • “The Carpenter and the Razor”by David Ross and Marta Cunha 

  • “Another day on the hunt”by Maria Simões



  • Cine Infante with Tiago Melo Bento 

  • International Film Research Residency, SHOOTING THE LANDCAPE with Marta Andreu e  Tiago Hespanha 

  • Final Cut Workshop with Federico Delpar 

  • Real Time Performance Workshop with Tiago Pereira 

  • Video/art workshop with Alejandra Alarcon 

  • Cinema Interpretation Workshop, with João Cabral 

  • Cultural Heritage Workshop, with Eduardo Elias da Silva 

  • Cinematographic Script Workshop with Fátima Ribeiro 

  • Video-Dance Workshop, with Milagres Paz 

  • Animation Cinema Workshop 

  • Documentary Cinema Workshop on the Island of S. Jorge with Frederico Lobo, Tiago Afonso

  • Documentary Cinema Atelier on S. Miguel Island with Frederico Lobo, Tiago Hespanha and Leonor Noivo

  • Audiovisual Advertising Workshop with Augusto Fraga 

  • Co-production at the Da Ideia à Realização Cinema Workshop with Azores Film Commission and Cinemate Oficina Brigada DV with Gonçalo Luz 

  • Video Art Workshop with João Raposo 

  • Documentary Cinema Course with Tiago Hespanha, Frederico Lobo and João Vladimiro Cinematography Course with Pedro Castanheira 

  • Editing Course with Sudip Chatopadhyaya 

  • Cinevideo Intensive Course with Rui Simões 

  • Creative Writing Workshop with Nuno Costa Santos

  • Cinema Workshop with Amauri Tangará.


  • POP - Performing Arts and Crafts Festival, 2023

  • POP – Meeting of Performing Arts and Crafts, 2018 

  • Props Workshop – Mask Construction, 2018 

  • Promotional Material Workshop based on Craft Techniques with Gregory Le Lay, 2018

  • Puppet Workshop with João Calixto, 2018 

  • Co-production Show Carolina, Uruguay, 2013 

  • Theater Workshop with Patrícia Silva/Teatro Praga, 2009 

  • Descalço Theater Workshop with Descalças Cooperativa Cultural, 2008 


  • Oficina de Teatro Descalço com Descalças Cooperativa Cultural, 2008 


  • “Corredor Tv” Series of 6 cultural content programs for RadioTelevisão Portuguesa – Azores


  • Partnership with Casa da Música do Porto with the workshops Contar a Cantar and Ziguizu Ziguizás Concert Frets in Contrasts with André Madeira, Bitocas and Bruno Pinho 

  • Classical Guitar Workshop with André Madeira 

  • Workshop on Chordophones with Bitocas 

  • Sounds of Nature Workshop with Teresa Gentil 

  • Concerto Colégio 27 Jazz Quartet 

  • Sound Workshop with Carlos Viegas 

  • Jazz Festival “JAB / JAZZ” at Jardim António Borges with Dave Mcmorrow Trio e  Gimijolati 


  • Production of FESTIVAL DANÇARILHAS, editions 2009, 2010, 2011

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