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October 29, 30 and November 1, 2022


Hours - 10am to 4pm

Price €100

Location: Oficinas de São Miguel - Rua da Arrenquinha 29


There are several elements that we have to take into account when we think of a show. In this case, we will develop an adequate theoretical framework, which emphasizes scenic design as an essential creative element of staging.

We will address the various components and relationships that arise from the staging proposal, the production process and the experience of those who work in the montage.

This seminar is open to directors (dance, theater, etc.), producers, designers, choreographers, actors and dancers and the general public.

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We will provide you with the basic tools you need to become familiar with the

scenographic design for a theater or dance show.


Topics to be addressed:

The scenic space.

Analysis of the work and creative research.

Relationships with different creatives.

creative interpretation

visual language

the scenographic object


Other scenic design components:





Different practical exercises will be developed that will support the theoretical line and allow us to experiment with space, three-dimensional and enhance creativity.


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A Corridor formation | Authentic creative content
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