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"Put up the tent",Carnival on Terceira Island

60 min   |  POrtuguese | sub: PT / ES

Director - Montserrat Ciges

Synopsis - EN

During Carnival, audiences fill up all over Terceira Island. From stage to stage, the boundaries between young and old, poor and rich, men and women are broken. Each of them will at some point be an actor, dancer, musician or spectator. The cycles of shows are divided between laughter and tears, sword dances, tambourine dances, comedies and little dances. In this documentary we follow some of the groups that embody the various shows, in an attempt to understand all the involvement, dedication and meaning that these manifestations still represent today for society and culture in Terceira, in what transforms the island into the biggest popular theater stage in the world , the Carnival of Terceira Island.

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