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The square is an empty space, someone crosses it, a body. Over time, the action of this body is theatre, its movement is dance, and the sound it produces is music. This is how the total work of art is created: a body crosses an empty space while someone is looking at it.

After a research on what public space is and its transformations over time, "I hear you in the shadow of the empty square, but I don't know about you", was a community artistic residency with more than 30 people on stage, including the deaf community, with its dramaturgy, music and sound space developed throughout the POP Residency.

Residency in visual arts with the aim of creating scenography and costumes for a community play in an open-door regime, in which participated in addition to the registrants, many travelers and curious people who built props and costumes from recyclable materials for the show "I hear you in the shadow of the empty square, but I can't find you".

ART DIRECTION - Scenography, Costumes, Lights

Rocio Matosas - Multidisciplinary artist, works as a visual artist, artistic director, poet, cultural manager and teacher. She has a degree in Fine and Visual Arts from the National School of Fine Arts and Theater Design from the School of Dramatic Art of Montevideo.

Throughout her professional career she has lived and worked in Uruguay, Argentina, the United States, Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as participating in tours, artistic residencies and festivals in Europe and America. She gives training in the different artistic areas in which she specializes.

She has been awarded for her projects in Festivals and Competitions in Uruguay, the United States, Argentina, Lithuania, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia and Cuba. Since 2019 she has directed the Etxe School of Arts in her hometown. An open house to art where training in various artistic areas converges with shows, exhibitions and other cultural events. Among several artistic projects of theatre and visual arts that he has brought on tour in Europe, a winning theatrical production of Iberescena stands out, which takes place in Italy, Spain and Greece.

Rocio is also part of the Organization and Production team of the POP Festival in 2023 in the Artistic Co-Direction and in the Technical and Training Coordination.

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