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Initial training in low-cost production/direction in DV format.


Brigada DV is an intensive initial course, aimed at all those who have always believed it would be possible to make low-cost films with their digital video camera (mini DV / HDV), but did not know how, or even for those who want above all perfect your technique, whether in terms of writing, directing, shooting, or editing.
Brigada DV will change the way of looking at independent production. In an era when the most skeptical filmmakers are already filming in digital formats, this workshop fills a gap in our country in the area of audiovisual training, whether in the field of fiction, documentary or experimental.
The shift to DV has already happened all over the place, not just for cost reasons (in addition to being
accessible, filming on any other support is much more expensive), but also for aesthetic and even production reasons, allowing greater mobility and freedom in smaller teams. And this is just the beginning. HDV (high-definition video) cameras are already out there, and internet sites such as YouTube™ are redefining the concepts of distribution and exhibition of independent productions.
Here are, by way of example, some films produced in miniDV that hit the market:
Bamboozled -Spike Lee, The Idiots - Lars Von Trier, The Party - Thomas Vintenberg, The Book of Life -
Hal Hartley, Bubble - Steven Soderbergh and How I Feel - Gonçalo Luz.


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