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"I hear you in the shadow of the empty square, but I can’t find you"

Coletivo POP. Artist Residency

DIRECTION Tiago de Faria 


FROM Portugal


ACTING, MAKING COSTUMES AND PROPS FOR THE STAGE AND DRAMATURGICAL CREATION Alexandra Baptista; Anabela Almeida; Francisco Albergaria; Joana Matos; João Malaquias; José Jorge; Katarina Rodrigues; Lua Perelló; Luísa Cavalleri; Maria Beatriz Raposo; Nuno Pedro; Paula Wallenstein.

INTERPRETATION AND DRAMATURGICAL CREATION Carolina Nunes; Dalida Costa; Dulce Sequeira; Ema Gonçalves; Emanuel Rocha; Gilberto Cardoso; Gorete Cordeiro; Hélio Sousa; Inês Pereira; Lien Pollet; Lúcia Rocha; Luís Rodeiro; Luísa Margarida Alves; Maria da Graça Simão Melo; Maria de Jesus Lima; Mariana Pacheco de Medeiros; Mário Sousa; Miguel Lima; Natália Lima; Pedro Alves; Ricardo Teixeira.


CONSTRUCTION OF COSTUMES AND STAGE PROPS AND DRAMATURGICAL CREATION Ana Lacerda, Ana Sales; Anke Götz, Catarina Roque; David Booth, Ivo Baptista, Kenz Tibbo, Sílvia Roma; Teresa Piedade, Teresa Viveiros.

DRAMATURGICAL CREATION Duarte Melo, Elisabete Cabral Santos, Eugénia Leal, José Fernando Madeira, Margarida Fontes, Ricardo Pacheco, Tiago Melo Bento.





"I hear you in the shadow of the empty square, but I can’t find you"; draws a picture of countless mosaics, each depicting a public square. It’s unclear if the final frame depicts a single square or several, glued together, overlapping.
The paths that meet in the place where this work started are all born in the island of São Miguel. Everyone that joined us and gathered for the meeting in the designated square at each moment have walked those same paths. The conversations that spread almost immediately in this meeting are about our relationships, our identity, our memory, and migrations in our lives. Sometimes they become material through paintings composed of sensitive actions exposed with the rawness of what, being private, is exposed in the public space. Other times, only allegories unfold in the paintings, not always of religious origin, but recurrently of a fantastic nature.

Inspired by the work "The Hour When We Knew Nothing About Each Other", by Peter Handke, this is a proposal of joint creation with the population of the Island of São Miguel in the Azores, directed by Tiago de Faria, scenery, lighting and costumes directed by Rocío Matosas. It is a show born of a research process from the memories of those who live on the island. The research will become the show, through the transformation of records into movement and finally into a square that alters to accommodate the testimonies of the island habitants. The musical construction was made with the guidance of Mónica Reis and the participation of other musicians residing on the island.

I hear you in the shadow of the empty square, but I can’t find you", is a community and participatory project with its dramaturgy, music and sound space, scenery, light and costumes developed throughout the POP Artistic Residency.


Aldo Castanheira, Alexandra Baptista, António Cabral, Berta Maio Camacho, Catarina Ferreira, Eugénia Leal, Filipe Silva, Filipe Spranger, Gilberto Cardoso, João Manuel Moniz Pacheco de Melo, José Bernardo, Katarina Rodrigues, Lua Perelló, Maria Emanuel Albergaria, Marla Magalhães, Nicolau Botelho, Oficinas de S. Miguel, Patricia Melo Bento, Paula Oliveira, Pe.Hélder Soares, Ricardo Cabral, Rita Andrade, Roberto Ferreira, Sandra Goulart, Sofia Motta,Teresa Soares, Tomás Quental e MÓNICA OLIVEIRA and JOÃO OLIVEIRA – CASA POP

NOV 29th at 9.00PM

Coliseu Micaelense

Coliseu Micaelense, Rua de Lisboa, Ponta Delgada, Portugal


Equipa Artística



A choreographer and theater director, instructor, and professor since 1999, Tiago de Faria has worked in Angola, England, the Czech Republic, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. He graduated as an actor at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon and specialized in actor training techniques with a master’s degree from the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where he also worked as a teacher.


He was awarded as a theater director twice in theater festivals in Spain and Morocco. He directed several research programs in Portugal and England. He was the artistic and research director of a research center in the fields of theater, performance, and artistic studies based in Évora. Among his plays, we highlight his collaboration with conductor António Victorino D'Almeida, who composed the soundtrack of "Julieta" in 2010. He has worked with and directed actors from different countries using various techniques and languages such as Kathak and Kathakali from India, Butoh and Bunraku from Japan, and Commedia Dell'arte from Italy. He has published articles in the field of research through practice (PAR - Practice as research) and is finishing his PhD in the field of scenic composition - using theater and dance in the field of social science research at the University of Winchester, UK. He created and is leading the professional collective of creation in theater and dance Manga Theatre | Teatro Manga since 2017, in which he staged "A Sacalina", Lisbon, 2019, and "Emigrantes", Lisbon, 2022.




Manga Theatre brings together creative professionals and cultural promoters of different backgrounds and fields of expertise, inspired by the spherical gaze and the active pause that Japanese Manga’s summons to observe the detail of human action and the particularity of its memory. Careful, specific, multidirectional, almost silent, and non-narrative is Manga Theatre’s way of capturing and expressing the textures of collective relations, valuing memory as an identity vector of communities, underlining the fluidity of memory and the dynamism of/in the multicultural identity in/of society




As a multidisciplinary artist, she works as a visual artist, artistic director, poet, cultural manager, and teacher. She studied Plastic and Visual Arts at the National School of Fine Arts, and Theater Design, at the School of Dramatic Art of Montevideo.


Throughout her professional career, she lived and worked in Uruguay, Argentina, the United States, Spain, Italy, and Portugal. She also participated in tours, artistic residencies, and festivals in Europe and America. She provides training in her specialized artistic areas.


She was awarded for her projects in Festivals and Competitions in Uruguay, the United States, Argentina, Lithuania, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, and Cuba. Since 2019 she has led the Etxe School of Arts in her hometown. This is a house open to art where training in various artistic areas converges with shows, exhibitions, and other cultural events.


Rocío is also part of the Organization and Production team of the POP Festival in 2023 in the Artistic Co-direction and in the Technical and Training Coordination.

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