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International Film Research Residency - Sete Cidades, São Miguel (Azores, Portugal)


“Film the landscape?” it will be the interrogation of origin and the detonator of creation processes based on the cinematographic language that we propose to explore in this residency.
Filming the landscape is always filming yourself, filming yourself through the landscape, looking for echoes of what we are in the world. Filming the landscape will always be the affirmation of a point of view from which the vision of the world is organized and in it the relationship between the one who sees and the world he sees and in which he participates. Filming the landscape is understood here as a primary gesture, insofar as it represents our relationship with what surrounds us, our way of being in the world. In this impulse, essential questions appear to the cinematographic gaze: finding or being found by the place from which one sees and is filmed, establishing the right distance with what is filmed, deciding or feeling the desire to move, transit, dislocate. whether in space or, on the contrary, building its dimensions from a fixed point, establishing the relationships, fragile and often changing, between the background and the figure that stands out against it...
All these are essential questions that cross the documentary aesthetics. Questions that are at its foundations, which in finished works can even go unnoticed, but all of them essential to be able to convey what is truly meant by the work, its deepest truth.
In the residence we propose, the landscape is at the center, precisely to allow us to fix, deepen, search and find in these questions the bases, the paths and even the gaps of our own looks. In S. Miguel this process is especially intense. Here, the relationship with the landscape is strong and is a central element of everyday experience, the one in relation to which the rest is named and organized, the one capable of changing days and dragging thoughts. Channeling this force into the creative process and experimenting with creating from it is our proposal.


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