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Making a film is building a representation of the world from a personal point of view.


"At the beginning, I imagined that the lights in the cinema room were turned off so that the images on the screen could be better seen. I looked more closely at the spectators comfortably seated in their chairs and I realized that there was a much more important reason: this obscurity allowed the each spectator to better separate himself from the others and be alone, to be simultaneously among the others and separate from them.

Each individual, when watching a film, creates their own world. From each detail – of a city or a prairie, of a character or a theme – that appears on the screen, each spectator absorbs the information to later create his universe. Cinema does not only inform us about a single world, but several. It does not speak to us of a reality, but of infinite realities."


Abbas kiarostami

In this workshop we intend to create a space where cinema is thought of as an art and an instrument of representation, reflection and understanding of the world that goes beyond the borders of the merely visible, where the representation of things that we think are banal and common allows us to rediscover them and surprise us again. A film may not change the world itself but its course, changing the way we see and face it.


It is in documentary cinema that we want this space to focus. Not as a dogmatic form of a genre, but as a representation of something that is close to us, physically and emotionally: a person, a group, a place, an action... We propose to do this as a group, through recording, viewing and discussing images and sounds that testify to the way we see and understand the world, as if it were an epiphany.

Technique is not essential and it will not be the subject of this training. Technique only interests us to the extent that it allows us to capture images and sounds on which we can work.


Following on from the work we started in 2008, the objective this year is once again to arouse and deepen the interest in documentary among the participants, and thus begin to create a small nucleus of potential directors who will be able to make films that reveal fair views of reality. in which they live. What we want to develop with the participants of this workshop is a genuine sense of listening and a principle of complicity with who and what is filmed. Making a film means being open to the world with curiosity and a critical spirit, working on points of view about the reality in which we live.

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