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Encounters with Landscape

17:34 min   |  PORTUGUÊS

Realizadora - Salomé Lamas

In late 2011, I arrived in Sete Cidades, Azores. I recalled some loose ideas on the sublime. We experience the sublime when our imagination fails to comprehend the greatness of natural events, in the process of determining concepts of understanding, and supplants this failure with a delight stemming from its ability to grasp these aspects of nature by virtue of an idea of reason. That idea appropriates the supersensible and human moral nature.
To experience the sublime sensibility, a body, being human, and being finite are preconditions. Was it a lack of sensibility?

    While filming I felt the urge to formalize landscape through language games. It is the sight that makes things valuable. Encounters with Landscape 3x happens to be this exercise. 
    Landscape becomes a dangerous playground.

    When one is young, one is daring and stupid. As you grow older, you tend to lose the daringness and become less stupid. We change the rules as we go along.

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