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WORKSHOP: Psychogeography & Urban Exploration

Come and explore the poetic dimensions of space with Zlatina Toleva and Mihail Dimov, co-founders of the Institute for Silence Research and the Театър на сетивата София / Sensory Theatre Sofia, the trainers of this 2-day Workshop - Psychogeography and Urban Exploration, taking place on 30 Nov and 01 Dec from 18:00 to 20:00, which then includes the participation and co-direction of the performance Sensory Journey.


- online and at CASA POP - Rua Manuel Inácio Correia 42, Ponta Delgada, Portugal

- LIMITED SEATS, reserve your spot now!

Sensory Theatre Seogia [BG]

Pioneers in the creation of immersive sensory performances and interdisciplinary art projects in Bulgaria since 2010. These are unusual interactive experiences that activate all the senses and the main character is the audience itself.


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