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UNE HISTOIRE VRAIE - GATO, SA [PT] at Teatro Micaelense

GATO SA, Teatro de Santo André / Photos by Międzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuki Mimu Oct 2023 and Victormar

"At the beginning of Claude Lelouch's film Les Misérables, there is a scene with a loving duo. Annie Girardot doesn't say anything or can't say anything. Fabrice Benichoux, the Jewish refugee, watches and waits.

This is the most beautiful declaration of love I've ever seen. Annie Girardot, the peasant girl, hides this refugee, making him believe that the war continues so that he doesn't leave.

Surprised by my emotion at seeing this scene, I searched my memory for motivation to understand it better. Deep inside me, came the last meeting with my father."

- Lionel Ménard

UNE HISTOIRE VRAIE - "A True Story" - Created in Artistic Residency between June and December 2022, after a training aimed at actors and dancers interested in exploring the potential of physical theater. In Portuguese territory it premiered in Vila Nova de Santo André, in 3 sessions that were always packed. He performed in Sines, Santiago do Cacém and Grândola in the Litoral em Cena Programme.

Internationally, the piece has already been presented this year at the 23rd International Festival of Mime Art in Warsaw, Poland. "It was a performance that touched and provoked thought, leaving us with many questions", reveal the organizers of that Festival.

After captivating the Polish public, it was Germany's turn to be enchanted by Une Histoire Vraie. Last week, at the 38th International Pantomime Theatre Festival in the city of Dresden, the cast had to return to the stage 5 times to a roaring ovation. "A huge artistic success [...] that left the audience enthusiastic and moved." announces Mário Primo after the performance of Gato, SA in Germany.

Leaving behind Germanic lands, it will be time to cross the Atlantic towards Ponta Delgada and premiere at Teatro Micaelense on November 30th. Don't miss the unique opportunity to see this magnificent play!

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