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Expandir e Estimular os Sentidos

com Bruno Schiappa

In mid-September, five months ago, a theatre workshop began at the Teatro Micaelense that made the entire building vibrate for a week.

The culprit of the scenic earthquake was the master Bruno Schiappa Act, who arrived in São Miguel with the Method in his hands, to teach how to act from within, through sensory memory and physical theater techniques aligned with this process.

The accomplices of the earthquake were about twenty theater lovers who, without restrictions, let each day take their body and revolutionize their interior with the emotions that emerged to connect deeply with their characters.

The idea, as the trainer commented, is for the actors to identify with their characters here and now. Through the similarities between the two, bridges are created that are stored in memory. Thus, "the art of theatre is more authentic, it is more connected to people", Bruno reveals.


If, at that moment, a week was not enough, now Bruno Schiappa returns for a whole month with a fascinating laboratory of actors and his Method in his suitcase, proposing to the new group to take the results to the stage of the Teatro Micaelense in a play that will mark March 27, the World Day of Theater.

Many of us have already signed up and there are few vacancies left, but don't let this opportunity pass you by, because if that time the emblematic theater of Ponta Delgada has already vibrated, this residence will surely make the whole island vibrate.

Laura Aragonez

Oficina de Teatro Físico e Memória Sensorial POP 23

Fotografia Laura Aragonés & Lucia Gonzalez

Laboratório de Atores POP 24

Fotografia Laura Aragonéz


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