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DURATION: 10 days

Making a film is building a representation of the world from a personal point of view.




The awareness that cinema is an instrument for constructing reality.


The value of paying attention to what surrounds us as a starting point for the work to be developed.


Question with curiosity and openness.


Invest in discussion without limiting the development of each person's personality, their ideas and



Approach each project in its specificity and discuss it together, making it a project


In this workshop we are interested in working with cinema as a means of communication and artistic expression,

betting on a method of creation based on discussion, on the confrontation of opinions and sensibilities. The execution of short group exercises by the trainees during these ten days of the workshop will constitute a small set of filmic objects, the result of a first look and which we intend to act as a stimulus for the future. We intend to instill a critical observation and reflection on reality in order to lead to the creation of a cinematographic look, starting from the idea that the creation of a film is a collective construction, the richer the more and better directed.

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