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Mujeres que inspiran

COMPANY Teatro dei Piedi

FROM Argentina-Italy-Spain-Uruguay

IDEA Verónica González and Rocío Matosas . TEXT Verónica González. ACTRESS-PUPPETEER Verónica González . DANCER Carina Calderón . CHOREOGRAPHY Begoña Krego . GENERAL DIRECTION Juan José Zamorano and Laura Kibel . ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Laura Kibel . ART DIRECTOR Rocío Matosas . PUPPETS AND PROPS Laura Kibel, Rocío Matosas . MUSICAL ARRANGEMENTS Laura Kibel . VIDEO PROJECTION Alfredo Astusiano . VOICE (SPANISH) Doriana Chierici . VOICE (ITALIAN) Laura Kibel . PHOTOS Giorgio Gilberti . PRODUCTION Teatro dei Piedi, Pagoa Hezi Elkartea, Etxe Escuela de Artes




SUBTITLES- Portugues



"Inspiring Women" - The play rescues the female gaze in the collective historical memory, to give voice, light, body, and recognition to the work of women from different times and parts of the world. This project received support in 2022 from Iberescena for the Co-production of Shows and the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay.


Women who left their mark thanks to their courage, conviction, and talent were the foundations of female emancipation. In this play, the artists Verónica González and Carina Calderón represent the precursors of social, political, and cultural change. Through theater, puppetry, music, and dance, these artists create a universal language that entertains and educates and tries to be an invitation to reflect and become aware of the active role that each of us has in our society.


Women who leave their mark... and you, what mark will you leave in this world?

DEC 1st at 04.00PM

Teatro Ribeiragrandense

Teatro Ribeiragrandense, Largo 5 de Outubro, Ribeira Grande, PT



Four women artists of different nationalities came together to create this spectacle of music, poetry, rhythm, grace, beauty, and reflection, with the production of PAGOA HEZI ELKARTEA (Spain), ASOCIACIÓN TEATRO DE LOS PIES (Argentina) and ETXE ESCUELA DE ARTES (Uruguay). Direction by Laura Kibel, interpretation by Verónica Gonzalez and Carina Calderon, and the Art Direction by Rocío Matosas, all artists with over 25 years of international experience in theater and television.

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