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El Traje Nuevo de la Imperatriz_edited.jpg

El traje nuevo de la Emperatriz  

COMPANY Tramant Teatre

Claudio Hochman and Puri Fariza

FROM Spain

TEXT Tramant Teatre

ACTRESS Puri Fariza

PUPPET Cecilia Silva and

El ombligo y la pelusa






"The Empress's new clothes" - Catalina walks through the gardens of her palace when her grandmother appears to announce that in seven days she will be crowned as the new empress. She wants to find a unique dress, the most wonderful, but in her search, she will be surprised by unexpected situations.


This time there is no emperor, there is an empress, and what empress! One who wants everything and anything, and, of course, this has its consequences.


Inspired by the tale "The Emperor’s New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen, "El Traje Nuevo de la Emperatriz" comes to us by the hand of the actress Puri Fariza, who presents it with the utmost varied resources that arise from her great dress.


- In partnership with Festival Mala.

Estúdio 13

DEC 2nd at 4.00PM

R. das Laranjeiras 31 armazem 13, 9500-317 Ponta Delgada, PT



The company Tramant Teatre was born in Cullera, Valencia, Spain, in 2004, with the aim of creating a space of scenic creation always starting from comedy. Since then, it has sought to awaken the public’s capacity for reflection. In their creations, they use the most varied scenic techniques: actor’s theater, theater of objects, puppets, shadows, text, gesture, and singing. Thus, the company gradually found a different language, an aesthetic, and its own identity, a way to create illusions, tell stories, and talk about feelings and emotions. Enriched by the experience of continuous walking through all kinds of audiences and stages, with more than seven hundred presentations that consolidate their work.

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