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Tiago Melo Bento

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Tiago Melo Bento is a director, cultural producer and trainer in the field of cinema. He graduated   in   Law  at the University of Coimbra, where he participated in CITAC - Círculo de Iniciação Teatral, Academia de Coimbra having been an actor and producer of several works. He holds a master's degree in Film Studies from Universidade Lusófona.

He founded Associação Cultural Corredor through which he produces dozens of workshops and ateliers in Cinema, including the International Film Residency “Shooting the Landscape”.
Winner of the 2022 Artistic Creation Grant awarded by the Government of the Azores with the project “Feliz Aniversário” in which he is a screenwriter and director, he has a varied filmography in style, having made documentary, fiction, experimental, video-dance and video-art. Of his most recent films, “Metternich's Detour” and “Quarto sem Residencia” stand out, which won him awards in several countries and an honorable mention by the Jury of the Ayres d'Aguiar Prize, Autonomous Region of the Azores.
His filmography also registers presences in festivals and exhibitions in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, United States of America, Portugal, Spain, France, China, India and Turkey.

He has also participated as an assistant director and screenwriter in several award-winning projects both nationally and internationally.


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