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Paula Coelho


Born in Luanda in 1960. He attended the Faculty of Arts at UL and FCSH at UNL (Psychology/History of Art and History). Fluent in French, English and Spanish. Currently, he develops his professional activity in the area of production, public relations and cultural mediation, collaborating intermittently with various cultural associations.

Between 2011 and 2018, he was part of the fixed team of A Barraca in the
areas of production, public relations and advice to the Board. Between March and October 2011, he collaborated with Cooperativa Descalças and Associação Corredor, in S. Miguel, Azores, in the areas of production and artistic creation.
That same year, he produced the programs Terças a Ler and Encontros Imaginários n'A Barraca. At CEPiA - Center for Performative and Artistic Studies, in Évora, from 2008 to 2010, he developed activity in the area of production (logistics, raising support, sponsorship, financial and human resources-volunteering) and artistic creation.


From 2002 to 2008, he was part of the ACERT- Associação
Cultural and Recreational de Tondela in the executive production of the Regular Program and the International Festivals of Theater (FINTA), World Music (Tom de Festa), Jazz (Jazzin'Tondela) and Video (Tom de Vídeo). In a partnership between ACERT and Grupo M'Beu and Motumbela Gogo, it supported the production of the Festival de Agosto 2003, in Maputo.


She was co-founder of the Cultural Animation Cooperative "Estás a estarca careca Hermengarda", and of the associations "Lua Cheia Teatro para Todos" and "Vicenteatro", where she continues to develop sporadic activity in the areas of production and artistic creation.

At the Educational Innovation Institute from 93 to 95, as executive producer of
projects related to artistic practices at the School, directed by Leonor Areal. She collaborated with the Working Group of the Ministry of Education for the
Commemoration of the Portuguese Discoveries as teacher trainer (dramatic expression) and Live History technician from 1991 to 2000.
She participated, as an actress and trainer, in various institutional and private teams of historical reconstruction throughout the country.


In 1992 he produced the Colloquium “Caos e Meta Psicologia”, dir. Carlos Amaral
Dias and Luís de Sousa Ribeiro – AEISPA Research Center
He was part of the cast of A Barraca from 91 to 97 and from 99 to 2002.
Took the training course for socio-cultural actors and entertainers
by the Theater Action Group A Barraca. He was part of the theater group No Pote das Ginjas, from the Faculty of Psychology at UL, directed by Luís de Sousa Ribeiro.

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