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Manual para Náufragos

COMPANY Cena Expandida

FROM Brazil

DIRECTOR Tainah Dadda

ACTING Eduardo d´Ávila

TEXT Nicolas Beidacki

PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR Lívia Pasqual E Juliano Moreira

SOUND TRACK Luciano Mello

CENOGRAPHY Rodrigo Shalako

LIGHT DESIGN Casemiro Azevedo

COSTUME DESIGN Gustavo Dienstmann


MIX André Paz



PRODUCTION Cena Expandida, T.E.L.A


LANGUAGE Portuguese

FORMAT Video Projection of pre-recorded Theatre piece

ABOUT THE PLAY - Winner of the POP23 Virtual Prize

Crossing elements of theatre, visual arts and audiovisual, Manual for the Shipwrecked weaves a network of real and fictional stories about migrations in today’s world. The foreign condition, the sense of belonging, the relations of otherness and transience that mark the lives of those who inhabit borders are in debate in this soil for a performer and many voices.

The foreign condition in a collapsing world, the fragility of the concept of belonging, and the transience that mark the life of deterritorialized individuals are the tonic of Manual for the Shipwrecked, a project of the collective Cena Expandida in partnership with the Teatro da Estrutura Latino Americana in Porto Alegre.

The editing directed by Tainah Dadda has won the Fuarte Festival Virtual Theatre Award 2020 and combines theatre and cinema to explore contemporary migrant narratives. The starting point is the personal experience of the director in Portugal, during the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to drastic changes in traffic between geographical borders and potentiated issues inherent to the migration process, such as loneliness, fear, the relations of otherness, the sense of identity, freedom, in addition to strengthening the already rising xenophobia that advances with political extremism in the West.

DEC 1st at 8.30PM

Casa POP [Pop Festival - Headquarters]

Rua Manuel Inácio Correia 42, Ponta Delgada, Portugal


Cena Expandida

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