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Jo Hell

Jo Hell, is the artistic name of the Canadian author, composer and performer, guitarist and vocalist of the group Jo Hell Band, composed by the award-winning Sam Harrisson on drums, accompanied by Alec McElheran on bass.
Self-taught musician and aficionado of blues and rock music, Jo Hell began his professional career at the age of 16 in Montreal. With his first band he performs in several editions of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, the Festival International Blues Mont Tremblant and the Virée Blues au Petit Chicago. In 2000 the group released their first album “South Side”, recorded at the famous Studio VICTOR.  In 2006 the group was invited to participate in the international festivalSXSWfrom Austin, Texas. Deciding to extend their stay in the United States, they play in renowned venues such asAntone's, The Skylark Lounge or The Hole in the Wall and participate in other festivals like “Red, White, And Blues Festival” in Waterloo Park. In 2009 the band is invited to headline the Pjeireblues Festival in Vilvoorde in Belgium, marking their first performance on European soil. During the show they record the album “Live at The Pjeireblues”. The success of that show and album guarantee their presence in the 2010 edition. Back in Texas they record “Rockin' Land” (2013), “Still Alive” (2016) and the soundtrack “Shotgun Love” (2017) sold in the Canada, USA and Europe.
After a 28-year career, 15 of which spent in the USA, Jo Hell had the pleasure of sharing the stage with internationally renowned artists such as Buddy Miles (from Jimi Hendrix and The Band of Gypsys), Hubert Sumlin' (Howlin' Wolf's) , Gary Clark Jr. , Frank Hannon (Tesla), Jerry Mercer (April Wine), Carl Tremblay, Jim Zeller, Jonas, Stephen Barry, Pat Martel having even had the honor of accompanying the famous blues piano man and Grammy-winner, Pinetop Perkins in his last shows live in Austin, Texas.

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